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About us
About us

    Children's rhythmic gymnastics is a very beautiful and very popular sport. It is experiencing a real boom. And for good reason. Engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, children get the opportunity to realize themselves, become more independent and sociable, learn to set goals and achieve them. Gymnastics promotes the proper growth of the body, eliminates clubfoot and incipient scoliosis.

 Your child will train gradually, so that the result is firmly fixed, the muscles do not suffer. We will instill in her a love of rhythmic gymnastics and motivate her to work hard, relying on her data, health and goals in sports. In our club, girls will find friends for life, learn how to correctly allocate their time and energy.

The child chooses himself - to do gymnastics as a hobby, for health, beauty or to build a sports career. We do not use force and coercion, but help to understand that to win you need to work hard. 

  Our main goal is to become a family for your child, where we are all - a friendly, united team. With us you can combine training, gymnastics and music, develop a child in different directions. Perhaps your child is a future gymnastics champion or a super star.


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